JAM Pool 1

Up-time: 336772454 ms

Node Ports PID Status Agents Links
HUJAHOHO h10001P,u10002P 16109 PS.RUN 0 0
HOXOPUDU h10101P,u10102P 16114 PS.RUN 0 0
NOJELAHO h10201P,u10202P 16119 PS.RUN 0 0
SAQIKIQO h10301P,u10302P 16124 PS.RUN 0 0
[AMP 8D:A8:30:49:15:2A SOUTH(9003)] Linked with preferred udp localhost:9008, F2:F9:F4:82:97:CE
[AMP 3B:B6:1B:0D:37:1E WEST(9013)] Linked with ad-hoc udp localhost:9010, DB:D0:83:C3:84:6F
[AMP DB:D0:83:C3:84:6F EAST(9010)] Linked with preferred udp localhost:9013, 3B:B6:1B:0D:37:1E
[AMP 7E:A7:59:4C:EC:06 NORTH(9012)] Linked with ad-hoc udp localhost:9007, 7A:95:52:6F:98:7B
[AMP 7A:95:52:6F:98:7B SOUTH(9007)] Linked with preferred udp localhost:9012, 7E:A7:59:4C:EC:06
14:35:42 [IP] iprouter: add route ->[1F566EA485E5]#heguharu
14:35:42 [AMP 3F:E1:37:C8:2B:0B IP(http://localhost:10001)] Linked with ad-hoc http[1F566EA485E5], AMP 31:46:3A:35:36:3A, Node heguharu
14:38:07 [AMP 3F:E1:37:C8:2B:0B IP(http://localhost:10001)] Endpoint[1F566EA485E5] not responding, propably dead. Unlinking...
14:38:07 [IP] iprouter: remove route ->[1F566EA485E5]