Simulation Environment for JAM

The SEJAM simulator is a software layer on top of a generic JAM node. The simulation layer provides visualisation and an extended simulation API that can be accessed by agents.

There are logical and physical nodes. A SEJAM world consists of logical nodes handled by one physical nodes, which can be connected to remote physical nodes via IP links. The simulation world consists of agent processing nodes (logical/virtual JAM nodes) and some communication links (virtual channels) between nodes enabling migration of agents and propagation of signals between nodes. Nodes are placed in a two-dimensional spatial simulation world, and each node has a distinct position.

There are computational and physical agents. They differ in their operational behaviour, but both are modelled with AgentJS.

Physical agents represent physical entities like, e.g., humans, ants, cars. Physical agents are bound to a node (the agent is only mobile through its node). The default agent type is computational and computational agents represent mobile software that can migrate between logical and physical ndoes.


File Version Description
sejam2.nw 1.9.4 200609 SEJAM2 simulator. Requires node webkit (nw.js), Version ≥ 0.13.4!
nw --mixed-context sejam2.nw
sejam2.pdf 191007 SEJAM2 Manual