Workbook is an integrated development environment for data analysis and machine learning in the WEB browser. It bases on the concept of code snippets that can be combined to a workflow. A workbook script can be executed on a computer on command line by using the work shell worksh. Although the workbook is executed primarily in a sandboxed WEB browser, local system access is possible via a SQLJSON RPC interface connecting to remote SQL data base servers and a local File Server wex.




File Version Description
workbook 1.1.88 WorkBook (requires WEB browser)
workbook.nw 1.1.74 WorkBook Full Package with all plugins (requires nw.js / node webkit
webwork 1.1.74 WEB WorkBook Shell with ML/Math Plugin (requires WEB browser) 1.1.74 WorkBook with embedded ML/Math Plugins (requires WEB browser)
workshell 1.9.1 (22.7.2021) WorkBook Shell (CLI, requires node.js + deasync module or pl3) 5.9 nodejs (MS Windows x86/32bit) 5.9 nodejs (MS Windows x64/64bit)
node8.exe 8.12.0 nodejs (MS Windows x86/32bit)
wex 1.2.5 WEX local File Server (requires nodejs) !Security Update!


File Version Description
bot.plugin current WorkBook Bot Plugin
logic.plugin current WorkBook (Pro)Logic Plugin
math.plugin current WorkBook Math Plugin
ml.plugin current WorkBook ML Plugin
peer.plugin current WorkBook PeerJS websockets Plugin
ts.plugin current WorkBook TypeScript Plugin (Set evalUser parameter of code snippet configuration to ts and TypeScript can be processed instead of JavaScript)
nlp.plugin current WorkBook Natural Language Processing Plugin


File Version Description
workbook.chatbot.json online current Chat Bot Project Kit
workbook.chatbot.typescript.json online current Chat Bot Project Kit, TypeScript Version
workbook.peergroupServer.json online current PeerJS Group Server
workbook.peergroupClient.json online current PeerJS Client Kit


Starting nw.js workbook

nw(.exe) workbook.nw
node wex

Starting workbook shell

node worksh <file>

Starting workbook in WEB Browser

mybrowser workbook.html?workdir=/home
mybrowser workbook.html?load=URL
node wex

Using a Filesystem Proxy

The WEB browser workbook cannot access the local file system. For conveniance, a file system proxy wex can be started of the local computer enabling file system access from the workbook. Only node.js is required to start the wex service. The workbook must be loaded with the workdir=path parameter.

mybrowser workbook.html?workdir=/home
node wex


File Version Description
math.tutorial LIVE 18.3.2021 WorkBook Math Tutorial (requires WEB browser and])
matrix.tutorial LIVE 18.3.2021 WorkBook Matrix Tutorial (requires WEB browser and])
ml.tutorial LIVE 19.3.2021 WorkBook ML Tutorial (requires WEB browser and])
plot.tutorial LIVE 18.3.2021 WorkBook Plot Tutorial (requires WEB browser and])
worker.tutorial LIVE 18.3.2021 WorkBook WEb Worker Tutorial (requires WEB browser and])
openguidedwaves.tutorial LIVE 02.03.2021 WorkBook OpenGuided Waves data base Tutorial: Ultrasonic measurements (requires WEB browser and])
ct.tutorial LIVE 9.03.2021 WorkBook Plot Tutorial: 3D Computer Tomography images of a CFK plate (requires WEB browser and])